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Cook with Karen

Karen has proven herself to be a Homecook that people connect with through her approach to cooking, her simple step by step guide and explanations.

During Covid Karen ran Home Cooking Groups via WhatsApp which were a massive success and gained huge support building online communities through sharing recipes, tips and ideas to help people struggling with feeding their families, recipe ideas, the basics of cooking or putting together After years of cooking and sharing her recipes on Instagram, TV and to her website meal plans.

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Home Cooking Group Info

Ages 16+
4 Weeks Online lessons
Pre Booking Essential

Learn from experience! A great way into cooking.

The Home cooking Group is an interactive way to learn about food. Once you sign up you are added to a WhatsApp group for 4 weeks at a time. Here Karen sends out weekly meal plans (every Monday) and helps you daily with the basics of cooking. She is there to answer questions daily and provide tips and recipe ideas plus there are also 2 weekly cooking videos.

The beauty of it is that it is all saved to WhatsApp so you can use it to suit you and your time to watch back or read through any information from that day.

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Information About the Class

An informative Group with like minded people

Sharing of recipes and tips

Weekly recipe videos

Daily Checkin with Karen

You can use this group to suit you and there is no requirement to be online at certain
times which means this is something you can easily fit into your life


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the online course via WhatsApp?

    This course runs via WhatsApp so is very user-friendly as you can dip in and out whenever suits you. All recipe videos and links are saved to the Group. 

  • Will I have access to Karen if I have any questions?

    Karen is there daily to troubleshoot, check-in and answer any questions. 

  • I’m not a good cook, would this course be useful to me?

    Absolutely! This course teaches the most basic of skills and with daily access to Karen you can ask and she will show you anything you may be struggling with.

  • How long is the course?

    4 weeks

  • What can I expect to learn out of the 4 week course?
    • Weekly Meal Plan each Monday
    • 2 or 3 Recipe Videos each week
    • An insight into Karen’s kitchen and daily Food life
    • A whole lot of new recipes to shake up your family meals
    • A small group of like-minded people to share recipes and tips with
    • Learn new cooking techniques, and skills and get familiar with different Produce/Products Karen may use


Keep up with the latest recipes, news, tours and events from Karen and Kenmare Foodie.
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