Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I have dietary requirements?

    We can cater for dietary requirements once notified at time of booking but please bear in mind that these are Producer led tours and we taste their hyper local produce and some include gluten and dairy. 

  • If I don’t drink alcohol; can I book your tour?

    There may be a wine or beer stop on some of the Tours but the Tours are as much about the stories as the tasting. Where possible a non-alcoholic substitute will be offered except when visiting our Sommelier. 

  • Is the tour suitable for children?

    While the tour is not suitable for children we do sometimes accommodate them but children need to be properly supervised and seated at all times during the tour for the comfort of both our Producers and other guests on the Tour.

  • Where is the meeting point?

    This varies from Tour to Tour and will be different on Private and Public Tours. When you book your particular Tour this will be confirmed on your booking.

  • Where does the tour end?

    This varies from Tour to Tour and will be different on Private and Public Tours.

  • Is there a lot of walking on the tour?

    No, just a gentle stroll between stops.

  • Are the tours wheelchair accessible / Do you cater for reduced mobility?

    Some of our stops may be more difficult than others, but if possible, please get in touch beforehand so we can try our best to accommodate you.

  • What is the maximum group size on public tours?


  • What if I arrive late?

    The tours start on time as we follow a scheduled itinerary. Producers, restaurants, and shop owners have reserved tables for the tour.

  • Is there access to a bathroom?

    Yes, on most stops.

  • What if weather conditions aren’t favourable?

    The tours run in all weather except for a red warning. Dress for the weather.

  • Are all tour stops indoors?

    Most of the time, a Bite of Beara Food Tour takes place outdoors and includes meeting with local farmers. (Please note that certain details may change from year to year.)


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