Eggs Benedict

Written by Karen Coakley

Eggs Benedict

Life can be fairly hectic in my house between looking after my 5 men, organising Kenmare Food Carnival and finding time to run. I love at the weekends to have a lazy cooked breakfast. One of my favourites is Eggs Benedict. I was always terrified of making this….what if the eggs spilt? What kind of ham? How to poach the egg? It seemed to me to be a thing of mystery only done by the finest chefs in beautiful 5 star hotels but no more……
I have taken on the eggs, I’ve conquered the Benedicts and I’ve mastered the silky smooth Hollandaise sauce. There may have been a bit of sweat the first time and a nervous heart beat the second but now I wake on a Sunday morning and enjoy having a lazy lie in and dream of the silky smooth sauce smothering the perfect poached egg and the crisp breakfast muffin beneath all washed down with a steaming hot cup of sweet black coffee….it’s such a simple thing, just takes timing and patience. If you’ve never tried…..go on, I dare you 😉
You will be surprised.




To make the Hollandaise Sauce…

  1. Place the 2 egg yolks in your blender with the water.
    With the motor running pour in the melted butter until the sauce thickens.
  2. Add in a squeeze of lemon and the splash of white wine vinegar.
  3. Season with salt and pepper.
  4. Lay a slice of ham on each of your toasted breakfast muffins, top with a poached egg and Hollandaise sauce.
  5. Enjoy…
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