Portuguese Steak

Written by Karen Coakley

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As the rain beats down and the wind howls at home we are soaking up the rays of sunshine by the pool in Portugal.
One of the things I love here is the fish, I’m not a huge lover of fish at home but it tastes so different here, maybe it’s the freshness? Maybe the simplicity of the cooking? The one thing I do know is the selection of fish here leaves what he have at home in the shade.
After a 3 mile trek over the cliffs last Saturday we replenished ourselves with a super lunch on the beach in Burgau of Stone Bass. It was cooked perfectly and served with nothing but lemon and sautéed potatoes letting the awesome simplicity of this fish speak for itself.

Yesterday we came upon a little cove with nothing but one beach bar…a kind of hidden paradise. This evening we are going to find it again…the reason why? Tiger Prawns…gigantic, succulent tiger prawns, the ones dreams are made of.
Another favourite meal is Portuguese steak. This is something we have loved for years and reminds us of many a happy holiday. It’s now something I cook at home and a big favourite in our house. I sautée my potatoes in goose fat which is quiet labour intensive but you can deep fry them and they will work just as well. The secret to the dish is the terracotta pots. I love mine, they are well worth investing in as they also do well for any kind of tapas.
So as the storms roll in from the Atlantic this weekend you can try to bring a little sunshine to your life with this recipe for Portuguese Steak…a jug of Sangria is good for the soul too!




  1. Fry the sliced potatoes on a med heat until golden brown ( I cooked mine in goose fat)
  2. Divide the crushed garlic, butter, olive oil, wine and bay leaves into 2 terracotta flameproof dishes on the hob and bring to the boil, add in a good splash of port and some white wine vinegar into each and let cook gently while you cook the steaks
  3. Heat a pan until very hot. Season your steaks on both sides and run with a little oil. Fry the steaks and Parma ham until the ham is slightly crisp and the steak cooked to your liking.
  4. When the steak is cooked remove it to a plate to let it rest while you fry the two eggs to your liking…I like mine runny.
  5. Put the resting juices from the steak plate into the liquid in the two terracotta pots, turn up the heat and let it bubble up and cook down to a nice consistency.
  6. Take your terracotta pots off the heat. Place a steak in each pot put a slice of fried Parma ham on top of the steak and finish with the cooked egg and place the crispy fried potatoes around the side
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