Postcard from Portugal

A Postcard from Portugal

It’s been 3 years since we came to Portugal and 5 since our first ever holiday here.
We first ventured to Praia da Luz when the twins were one year old. How we survived that holiday, I will never know. We had the twins a 15year old and a 10 year old all demanding different things from their 2 weeks in the sun.
The twins were still crawling and a nightmare,the 10 yr old just wanted to dig up the beach, the 15 yr old fancied himself as a bit of a cool dude surfer type and in the middle of it all was mom & dad trying to have their own bit of fun in the sun.
I remember the plane journey, 2 and a half hours of a feisty baby on my lap and no one to pass him to as hubby had the other baby on his lap. I drew the short straw though with mine and after a half hour into the flight had decided it would have been easier to wrestle a conger eel over the Atlantic! Things have changed and time has moved on as it always does. We are back and we are with just the twins. They are now nearly 6 and all our years of struggling with 2 babies seem a million miles away. We have two boys who not only are brothers but also best friends. They work in unison, they are on the same wavelength and they are having such fun….although as I type one is running after the other trying to beat the living day lights out of him. They are pals and need each other to work. I never knew the bond between twins until I had them, we watch amazed as they chat, kiss each other, beat each other and play toy soldiers together. We now think that everybody should have a twin. You always have your best friend with you and someone who understands you like no other person.
Our holiday in Portugal this time is wonderful. The kids are happy, we are enjoying great food and being with them and most of all….mom & dad are getting to have some fun in the sun!


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