Southern Fried (Butter Milk) Chicken.

Southern Fried (Butter Milk) Chicken.

Friday night has always been our night. As long as we have been together once 6pm comes we kick back, pour a drink and relax. For us it marks the end of Vincent’s Monday to Friday working week but more importantly it is time that we set aside for each other. It is so easy to get into a rut and lose each other in the kids but we have found that having this time for us keeps us on track. We might get merry, or a little silly, we will chat, we might argue, we catch up but, most importantly we stop being Mom & Dad and we become Karen & Vincent and remember what it was all those years ago that made us know we wanted to be together forever.

There was a time before the recession & twins when we used to eat out most of these Friday evenings but an expanding family, slowing metabolism & tightening purse string has meant a change in all of that and now our Friday evenings are spent at home with a lazy dinner and a bottle of what ever takes our fancy. I have to say I nearly prefer this, it’s nice to have those nights where we go out as a special treat but best thing about being at home is we eat good food, enjoy each other’s company without breaking the bank or having to stand on the street in the cold & rain waiting for a taxi to take us home.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that by taking ‘our’ time every week means that over 20 years and 4 sons later we are stronger and happier than ever!

A new family favourite for us it Southern Fried ( Buttermilk ) chicken, the beauty of this is you soak it in spiced buttermilk for up to 24hrs before hand and all you have to do is dredge it in seasoned flour and deep fry until it is moist, tender & cooked on the inside with a crisp crunchy outside. The longer you can let the chicken marinade the better. I serve this with homemade chips, homemade coleslaw, a choice of either a Chipotle Mayo, Hot Sauce or an amazing Smoked Chipotle BBQ sauce I’ve made recently with a recipe I got from Brendan O’Conor of BBQJOES and the man in my life loves all of this washed down with a cool beer!

I’m attaching a link to the recipe, I hope you enjoy!


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