Kenmare Foodies


Karen Coakley was a founding member and chairperson of Kenmare Food Carnival and met

Derick McMahon after he was asked to join the committee in its first year.

After a hugely successful event in 2012 they decided to continue their work together and set up

Kenmare Foodies as a way of sharing their love for food.

After another succesful Kenmare Food Carnival in 2013 they are now pleased to launch

Kenmare Foodies- Food  Consultancy, P.R. & Events Company

For further info please contact

 Karen & Derick


Karen Coakley

Karen Coakley grew up in West Cork and moved to Kenmare 12 years ago. She is Office Accounts Manager at Coakley Moriarty Solicitiors. She is passionate about food and has a deep sense of her surroundings and where she lives. She is mother to four boys and has instilled a love of food into each of them. She spent a lot of her childhood on her Grand-aunt’s farm where she watched her Aunt make things like her own blood pudding and butter, where they picked mushrooms for breakfast in the meadow in front of the house and where as a child she watched the animals being butchered before a fine meal was put on the table. This with her own mother’s flair for cooking has led to a complete obsession with food and home cooking.


Derick McMahon

Derick McMahon grew up in Killarney.   Derick has always had a love of food especially for baking.  Derick trained in I.T.Tralee and qualified as a chef in 1999.  He went on to work for two years in Kenmare before travelling in Australia and moving back to Killarney where he worked for a number of years.  He now works as a head chef outside Kenmare.  Derick’s passion lies in baking and sugarcraft after spending many years cracking eggs and learning how to bake between his parents and Godmother’s kitchens.  He has made a great reputation for his birthday and wedding cakes that he creates for family and friends.





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